Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heaven is a State of Mind

This picture is proof that heaven is a state of mind. Simply looking at it puts me in a wonderous, delicious and tranquil - heavenly state of mind. Now add a small to mid sized cabin stocked with good food, an excellent computer system and television and stereo and plop me down for one month so that I can write up a curriculum on the "theology of power and love" and get my application ready for Fulbright and my Ministeral Fellowship Packet for my interview in September and my ministerial packet for the South African Congregation and I would be good to go. Perhaps I should add another month given all that I have to do. LOL

Anybody out there have a time share that you would be willing to donate to me for one to three months?

Here is hoping you find your heaven on earth and that you don't have to wait until you die!
Blessed Be! Qiyamah

Let Us Draw Close to Us All That is Good and Claim the Power of the Sacred and Holy in Times Like These

My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims of Virginia Tech. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the perpetrator(s). Let us take this time to know in our hearts that what is needed is not more alienation and violence, but love and compassion so that the sadness can begin to heal and the memories of those killed can be mourned and acknowledged. Let us remember the kind of world we wish to live in and let us begin anew to dedicate our lives to creating such a world.

May we bind ourselves to all that is good and holy in the world and come together to comfort the families and individuals suffering not only in this tragedy but in war torn countries, as well as those suffering from lack of food, shelter, and those lacking the means to provide for their families and loved ones. May our collective wisdom powerfully align in the Universe and grant clarity, peace and solace in the midst of the ignorance of violence. May we allow the Truth that we know to stand as our armor against anything to the contrary - known and unknown. May we keep our hearts open to one another. Divine order is established and maintained to lead us onto the path of good and righteousness.

I am thankful for the goodness of Spirit and I am eternally grateful for the good that God has bestowed upon us in the midst of that seeks to prevail.

I am blessed and grateful knowing that our God consciousness prevails.

I accept the good that unfolds and we stand ready to receive an outpouring of blessings so immense that it runneth over in our hearts and hands and minds. And so it is! Amen