Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ima Gontellit

The title for this post comes from a small local Chicago paper that I recently picked up. The columnist's weekly reflections titled, The Chatterbox, and written under the name of "Ima Gontellit" is a compilation of all the political, social and entertainment news in the city.

I am taking license to gather my reflections and comings and goings using this very entertaining title. It is far more creative than my usual, Odds N Ends, that allows me free rein to wrestle my unruly life into a post and send it forth into the world.

I currently have a pain running from my left arm that started this morning. I had intended to workout. I did manage to find the time yesterday. But having gotten busy with work things today I postponed the workout. The pain has now proceeded into my left leg. It is not unbearable but I know that pain is my body's way of communicating to me. So as soon as I finish this post I am going to make myself a nutritional drink and then work out. After that I can expect to be engaged in a couple hours of conference calls - all dormant and passive activities. I have already checked emails and responded to several, begun a couple of future sermons and talks, organized my things-to-do list and actually whittled it down and organized the piles of papers and gotten them to almost disappear and at least appear manageable.lol I really have been busy working and yet the question I pose in the face of a potential health situation is, " In the grand scheme of things, what have I done that made a difference to the world and others today?"

I used to struggle with this question until I recently realized this small truth - I matter! My life matters as much as the work that I am doing! I matter! I am a manifestation of the Divine and I am the vessel and vehicle designated to do the work! And when I take care of myself I am affirming that I matter! When I take care of myself I am maintaining the unique temple that allows me to move about and have a presence in the world to do this important work that is critical enough to exhaust me and keep me up at night and causes me to rise early in the morning and keeps me toiling in the vineyard. Some of you know what I am talking about! My body is the instrument that allows me to do the work that I have uniquely claimed that no one else can do like Qiyamah can do. So there - thank you Spirit for reminding me that I am important and that instead of doing the ten things that I was going to do I will put a pin in my post and a "to be continuned" and go and exercise this body which is needing to move itself in a way to relieve the discomfort. How do I know that? Because I know my body. Just because I do not listen to it does not mean I have not taken the time to understand it and work with it.

Question: What is your body trying to tell you? Are you listening? What is the relationship between the sacred work that you are called to do and the body that you have been given and blessed to work with? Do you take it for granted?
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah