Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Food and Good Company is what it is all About

L-R Folks at Dale Washington's dinner party

Rev. LaDonna amidst the cornocopia of food

L-R Rev.Q and Laroto

L-R Rev. Q and Rev. LaDonna

L-R Laroto and Rev. Qiyamah

L-R Dale Washington, Chicago artist and Rev. Q at an annual dinner that he gives every year. I met so many artists and had some great food that Dale prepares himself.

Dale surrounded by some of his art. The walls in all the rooms were filled with his art. At the end of the evening he gave me a simple line drawing that he did of a nature scene.

Ubuntu Fundraiser

L-R Laroto and Rev. LaDonna Sanders

Father and Son (sorry, I forgot their names)

Linda Lawrence, a friend I met at the S. African Consulate

Laroto's friend, also from S. Africa and living in Chicago.

L-R Rev. Nina Grey, and Rev. LaDonna Sanders

Mama Edie, local storyteller

L-R Norma Poinsett, Rev. Q. and Rev. Michelle Bentley

Loroto from South Africa modeling an outfit that she made. I bought a great skirt from her.

L-R Rev. Q and Rev. Nina Grey

L-R Rev.Michelle Bentley, Phifer Brown and Rev. Nina Grey (my minister and the minister at 1st Unitarian Church of Chicago)

L-R Anita Orlikoff, Norma Poinsett, Makeba (artist) and Mama Edie (storyteller)

L-R young brother, sister from South Africa, yours truly and Peter, one of the Lost Boys from the Sudan

Rev. LaDonna Sanders, Director of Ubuntu who is heading back to South Africa this month where she is growing a ministry that works with street children and cildren orphaned by HIV AIDS.

The Wine and Cheese was the first fund raiser that I have ever planned and the first "event" that I have had at my house since I my birthday party on October 17! I am greatful for all the folks that came out and supported Ubuntu and helped me. I learned a lot. Fundraising is a special skill that I have discovered is an invaluable skill when one is doing any kind of work and/or ministry. It helps when you believe in what you are doing.
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

Covenantal Community Housing Coop

Members and Friends of the Covenantal Community Housing Coop enjoying a recent Sunday potluck.

Carolers from the community sharings Christmas songs with us during Sunday potluck.

Carolers in background - L-R LaVonne Hill and Verjilio

Carolers in background with members of community coop in foreground L-R Jean and visitor.

I have now lived in the Covenantal Community Housing Coop for six months and am settling into the Community. I usually attend the Sunday potlucks whenever I am in town. I am also a member of the Steering Committee that helps to plan some of the Sunday programming for residents and visitors. In addition, I have enjoyed planning a couple of Advent Services. I look forward to planning special programming for 2009. Above are pictures of the our weekly Sunday potlucks.
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

Checkin' In

Life has been very hectic in a good sort of way. I have taken the liberty of a brief respite but I am back now. The pictures below will fill you in to some extent on some of the things I have been up to.
Blessings Rev. Qiyamah

Child Advocate, Marian Wright Eldelman of the Children's Defense Fund was in Chicago for a book signing on December 3 at the Jane Adams Hull House Museum. It was my first visit at the museum and it was a delight to see Sista Marian. She is still committed and articulating the need for Americans to step up to support its children.

L-R Rev.Qiyamah, Stephanie Davenport;(Director of Education Programs at the DuSable Museum and Marian Wright Eldelman.