Sunday, June 17, 2007

Doing Pastoral Theology in a Post-Colonial Context

(Students from various institutions and various levels of progress in their programs that were housed at the expense of the Society for Pastoral Theology while attending the conference June 14-16, 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While there were some housing challenges we all managed to overcome them to have a wonderful and productive experience.)

(Dr. Edward Wimberly (Interdenominational Theologial Ct and Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman)


June 14-16, 2007 was a transformative experience in my life as a scholar, minister in formation, intellectual and wayfarer on life's journey. I attended the Society for Pastoral Theology's annual conference that was held for the first time in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While the location was exotic and a plus, that was not my primary motivation for attending the conference. The theme's focus on pastoral theology in a post-colonial context was the compelling factor. The insights that this conference potentially held given my plan to move to Cape Town, South Africa alerted me to the possibilities to enrich my understanding and analyses around post colonial violence and theologies as relates to teaching, writing and working that I desire to do in South Africa.

Some reflections will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, here are some of the pictures that memorialize the exciting event.
Blessings! Qiyamah A. Rahman