Friday, July 2, 2010

Tiger Woods

I realize this post is after the fact. But Junee Hunt, a friend, nailed the whole situation so succinctly I could not resist posting it to my blog. So here it is, the low down on Tiger Woods from the sistahs!

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Tiger Woods
Am I the only one who feels like, enough already on the TW. Tiger is a rich, nerd, dummy. Yeah I said it. He might be the best in golf, but he has failed miserably in the game of life and relationships. I don't go along with the whole sex addict thing, but clearly dude's got major issues.

Tiger has some valuable lessons to learn and sadly his wife and children will have to attend the classes with him. Tiger thought his honorary white boy status would protect him. Not. As one writer said, Tiger is the new O.J. He was allowed acceptance into main stream culture and afforded all the perks, including a "nice" blond girl (OTFL) and he showed his natural born Caublasian ass (it's rumored literally). For this my dear boy you will have to pay the price.

Tiger, I don't know if the black community will allow you to come home in that: a) you never embraced your blackness and b) some claim black women are mad because you didn't cheat with any of us. Now I disagree with this. Sisters, this is one hot mess we should be thankful we were left out of.

At the end of the day, Tiger, his wife and all his jump offs will be just fine. Everybody will get at least one check to clear. Now the rest of us must return to more pressing matters, such as youth violence, homelessness, foreclosures, health care access and our children's ability to compete in a global economy.