Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you a Disinterested Bystander in Your Life or an Engaged Party?

I selected this picture because it is symbolic of our stepping out of the darkness and morass of our negative and destructive attitudes and behavior and coming into the beauty of the light of knowing that we are connected to one another and that we can create beauty and promote love in the world if we but know the truth. We have the ability to heal ourselves and the world around us. What shall it be? I don't know about you but as for me I choose life and life more abundantly!

I am sending out healing energy to those hurting and in need. Now is the time for you to act! This is the moment! Now is a great place to be! Anything is possible!

I send out healing energy to the young girl that was gang raped and the police investigating the incident that took place outside a school dance during homecoming in Richmond, California. May she receive the medical care and love and support needed to heal any dis-ease. May the Divine whisper words of love and encouragement in the midst of her grief.

There is an answer if you but go deep within where the Holy resides within you beyond the pain and sadness. Let it be so! You are loved daughter of the most Beloved!

How long do we have to continue to hurt each other? How long do we have to wander in the wilderness of our lost thoughts and loveless lives? When the night seems cloudy and dark know that there is a Presence beyond what you can see and know.

May the same loving source enfold the perpetrators and heal their lost and empty lives so that they no longer have need to hurt others. May they grow to realize how blessed they are to have life and with that life they can choose more life and step into the light and love of the Sacred and Divine to heal their dysfunction and reconnect them back to the Source of Life so that they can give rather than take. So that they help heal and aid life to flourish rather than diminish.

May we all step up and name the good and claim all that is good and gather that energy into us and then send it out into the world where it is needed. In places of war and conflict - in places where babies are starving for food and mothers are wracked with worry. May the light of God, our light, our God within hold them in the loving embrace of the eternal source. Feel this moment and know that you are a part of the great family of humanity, some of which are lost and wandering in the wilderness our times.

As for me, I choose to serve. I thank you Lord for all. Let go of the pain! Let it
goooooooooo! Just let it go!

Question: Did you take a minute today to offer your thanks for the blessings from which wells you did not dig; food for which you did not grow; clothes that you did not produce. Give thanks and be the blessing that you are!

Out of all the wonderful things that have been bestowed today let the good bubble up out of the midst. For those that feel that they are walking in seeming darkness and despair I am knowing for you that change is coming even as you weep for the loss that you feel. I am sorry for your pain. I bless it and send it on its way. Know that weeping endureth for the night and let the joy cometh in the morning of your life if you but embrace it and know that it is there even when you cannot see it. Even when it feels distant it is right around the corner tucked in the recesses of your heart waiting to be acknowledged. This is your life. Do not allow anyone to steal your joy. Just hold on until you see the world anew and see your consciousness as new. Change your patterns of thought and your life will change! Know that there are persons praying for you and knowing your good for you in your state of loss until you can see the light that you are already standing in. The Holy has not left you. You have become disconnected!

Reach within and reconnect! Spirit is as close to you as your jugular vein.

My prayers go out to the killed in the mayhem of violence around the world. may we all be encouraged to work toward a peaceful existence and to know peace within ourselves in the midst of violence and confusion.

Question: How might you show your gratitude for all that is done and for all that has been done for you? Can you do that despite the appearance of things? Learn to do that and you will change your life!

Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah