Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ministerial Transition Committee - 2003

Ministerial Transition Committee - 2003 kneeling - Latricia Penny and daughter Bayla; L-R Richard Kushmaul; Rev. Amy Brooks; Karen Parker; and Rita Heath-Singer; missing Jay McLeod)

As I move into the final phase to complete my Master of Divinity I look back in amazement and wonder how I got to this point and over some of the obstacles, including myself and some of very formidable barriers. Perhaps there are some clues in the title of a gospel song from my child hood, "I Look Back in Wonder and Wonder How I Got Over." It describes my amazement, my gratitude and awe.

The individuals in this picture were gracious enough to journey with me for eighteen months. They are all members of my home congregation, Unitarian Univeralist Church of Charlotte. I wish to lift them up because they were committed to me in ways that were demontrable. They showed up. They listened to me. They critiqued me and gave me feedback and probably most important, they believed in me. So we stumbled and fumbled through the process together. :)I know it was grace that got me through and this far.

I thank each of you once again for your presence and the gifts that you brought. I hope to see each of you at my ordination this year in Charlotte!
warmest regards, Qiyamah A. Rahman

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