Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shout Outs to Georgia Battered Women's Advocates and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and so I am sending a shout out to the following women that I worked with many years ago in Georgia in the Battered Women's Movement before I have another senior moment and forget their names.

BJ Bryson, Priscilla Vandecar, Margo Smith, Victoria Toone-Jackson, Susan Schrader, Susan Mays, Cheryl Christian, Sylvia Gafford Alexander, Kathleen Carlin, Delbra Thomas, Geraldine in Milledgeville and Geraldine in South Georgia, Barbara Gibson, Lisa White.

I was also on the steering committee of NCADV for several years back in the day! (mid to late 1980s). It was really one of my most transformative experiences as I began my evolution into an activist in the battered women's movement. Again, before I forget some of the names I want to speak them aloud! Beth Richey, Val Kahuna, Ruth Slaughter, Diana Onley-Campbell, Caitlin Fullwood, Nan Stoops, BJ Bryson, Barbara Hart, Tilly Blackbear, Suan McGhee, Susan Schcter, Ginny NiCarthy and Rita Smith.

To all those whose names I cannot recall! May the work that we do no longer be needed as the world becomes a safe place for women, children, men and all its inhabitants!

Blessed Be! Qiyamah A. Rahman


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Diana Onley-Campbell said...

Hi Qiyamah. It took a while for your shout out to reach me. But it did. I'm wishing you all best and many blessings.