Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer is Slipping Away in Chicago

The precious flowers are even more beautiful knowing that old man winter is just around the corner!
I am thankful for the beauty in nature that reminds me every day of the beauty in life if we but look for it.
Now you know why Chicagoans love Chicago. This is downtown Chicago! Imagine a downtown with a river running through it. It reminds me of Paris. This is Lake Michigan. Chicago has water and I love it. It is in walking distance from Hyde Park where I live on the campus of the University of Chicago. Some residents wake up to a view of Lake Michigan everyday.

The Point on Lake Michigan is a beautiful spot to go to sit, read, picnic, hangout, make out, whatever!

Sadly, the summer is slowly slipping away here in Chicago. What happened to summer? When I wasn't looking it just slipped away. I can't believe that I have been here for eight months, almost a year. I have been coming to Chicago since January 2003 and this year was my first spring and summer in Chicago, a very different experience. It will be the last one that I will spend here. It has been great but my time is coming to a close. These are some beautiful scenes to remind me of Chicago in days to come.

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