Friday, December 21, 2007

Building a Colorful Coalition

As I continue to wade through reams and reams of papers in preparation for a change of residence I am selecting documents to share. This poem, Building a Colorful Coalition was written by Janice Moore on 8/3/82 and she dedicated it to allthe Women of Color who attended the Institute for Women ofColor, 2nd National National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference, August 1982. Some of the Women of Color that comprised the Organizing Committee of the Women of Color are: Stephanie Williams-Talahasse, FL; Carolyn Watkins-Smyryna, GA; Birth Winn-Greenville, MS; Jai McLean-Raleigh, NC; Kelly Mitchell Clark-Little Rock, AR;and BJ Bryon-Atlanta, GA.

Building a Colorful Coalition
We are here
Filling the room
with our energy
and our many colors

We are here
binding our strength
our minds
our direction.
Finding a common bond.

Supportin each other
Building our "Colorful Coalition".

We are here
Together - today
No longer alone
No longer un-confirmed
Finding strength in our numbers.

We are Women of Color
we are strong
We are here
We shall be heard!

More names that I want to speak into the memory bank of life! These women were part of the Women of Color Task Force of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
Ruth Slaughter(CA); Barbara Daniels (WA); Marion Martineq (NM); Danna Farabee (MN); Lola Robledo (MA); Glria de Tevis (NM); Tnnie Wilson (AK); Diane Brice (WY); Caty Singson (Hawaii); andP. Catlin Fullwood (PA/CA).

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