Monday, March 24, 2008

Detroit Reflections During these Somber Times

Mother/India and Child/Riley at Easter Dinner

India and Riley

Some of the family and friends assembled for Easter dinner at my brother and sister in law's home, the Rev. Michael and Sandra Vaughn

Earlier in the evening most of the family and friends were gathered in the basement watching the game. However, the concluding hours before heading to our various destinations were spent talking about and dissecting the horrendous situation facing the citizens of Detroit.

Today, indeed was a sad day in the history of Detroit. The Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty were charged with twelve counts of felony including conspiracy to obstrut justice and purjury.The mood is very somber in Detroit as people contemplate what all this means in the face of the following realities: Detroit has the highest unemployment rates in the nation and the third highest foreclosures. The city is in crisis and the current mayor and his posse' appear unable to step up to the task at hand. The times call for those with integrity and vision to step forward, unite and to lead the city out of the economic, physical, emotional and spiritual deterioration that has characterized this city for too long.
Blessed Be! Rev. Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman

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