Monday, April 28, 2008

Hangin' Out in Chi Town!

L-R Libra Finley, my oldest daughter visting from Detroit, Rev. Dr. Michelle Bentley and Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison Reed. Both are Unitarian Universalist ministers. Michelle lives and works in Chicago and Mark, recently retired, lives in Toronto, Canada. He is the author of Black Pioneers in a White Denomination. His memoirs will be published soon by our denominational press, Skinner Press. Additionally, he will be teaching a class in January at Meadville Lombard Theological School here in Chicago titled,Afro-Americans and the Univeralists, Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists. I will devote a future post to the issue and class and talk more extensively about Michelle's contributions.

L-R Rev.Dr. Mark Morrison Reed and Rev. Dr. Gordon Gibson during a lecture presented by Mark to Sharon Welch's class on Strategic Peacebuilding. Mark's presentation examined the use of rituals.

L-R Dr. Sharon Welch, Meadville Lombard Theological School Provost and Rev. Dr. Gordon Gibson.

L-R Rv. Dr. Mark Morrison reed and student, India in discussion after Mark's lecture.

L-R Attendees at Mark's lecture - Jason, Elaine,Erin, Sarah and James. (all students in Sharon's class on Strategic Peacebuilding)

L-R Dr. Thandabuntu Iverson and Paul at a recent Human Rights Conference held in Chicago. Both brothers are old friends from Atlanta and long time kick ass activists and feminists!

L-R Libra, my oldest daughter and Kaleema, my youngest daughter. I so enjoyed hanging out with them. It has been a long time since the three of us were together. And even longer since my son and the three of us have all been together.

Sister Rev. Dr. Qiyamah glowing with happiness as a result of hanging out with my daughters!

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