Thursday, May 15, 2008

Together We are Stronger than Alone

Attention - The name is Brickyard Garden - not Rickyard Garden. I am wondering who stole the "B?"

L-R Dorothy Pytel, member of Brickyard Gardens and Juanita (President's Gardener - as in President Obama)and member of Brickyard Gardens

Juanita, the President's Gardener standing next to one of her favorite plants

Burning Bush, another of Juanita's favorite plants.

L-R Robert "Tyree" Liddell (Christ Way M.B. Church), Bart Schultz (Civic Knowledge Project) and Dorothy Pytel (Brickyard Gardens. Three master collaborators that I am enjoying working with. They know how to get things done.

Guiding OUr Talented - Youth Ahead (GOT-YA) participants engrossed in computers.

GOT-YA participants playing board games in after school program

L-R Robert "Tyree" Liddell and Rev. York, pastor of Christ Way Missionary Baptist Church

GOT-YA participants planning a play that they will present.

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