Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Third Unitarian Church of Chicago

This painting and the series that follows hangs on the walls at Third Unitarian Church of Chicago, pastored by Rev. Brian H. Covell. A member of Third created paintings on tile depicting mostly Unitarians, Universalists and Unitarian Universalists along with other public leaders. The collection is valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson et. al

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Susan B. Anthony

Rev. Brian H. Covell recently hosted the Chicago Area Liberal Ministers (C.A.L.M.), a group comprised of local Unitarian Universalist ministers. He is conducting a tour of his church, Third Unitarian Church of Chicago located at 301 N. Mayfield Ave. in Chicago. The church is comprised of approximately 100 members with a budget of $171,000. For further information you can view the website at www.thirdunitarianchurch.org

L-R Rev. Greg and Rev. Richard Boeke

L-R Revs. Tracey, Mary Lou Belcher, Nancy and Richard Boeke (seated)

Church Banner

Unitarian Universalist (UU)ministers serving in the Chicago area get together to provide one another with spiritual and emotional support and share and exchange insights. As a newly ordained minister and a former "District Executive" I know the value of such outlets/inlets. They potentially can feed ones sense of connection in a collegial setting and helps provide some opportunities for professional feedback and networking.

Besides sharing what is going on in our lives, our celebrations and growing edges we also do some skills building which includes deepening of our spiritual disciplines. I suppose the group could serve multiple purposes, depending on what we want it to be. Finally, we can prevail upon individual relations to further explore different areas of awareness and exploration into particular issues.

It appears that I am the only African American minister in the district known as Central Midwest. The District includes 72 congregations and comprises five states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin. However, ministers have more locally based groups that they belong to rather than traveling great distances to be together. I have just began with the group and am still learning names and what congregations ministers are pastoring.

May the work that we do grow us, our members, and our movement to inspire us to be a justice loving people who stand on the side of love!
Blessed Be! Rev. Dr. Qiyamah A. Rahman

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