Thursday, June 18, 2009

There is Not Only One Way to Express God

I believe that whenever we come together in a spirit of friendship and love we tap into a primordial expression of our yearning and inclination toward a God consciousness, our best selves. Thus, reaching out to family, friends,community and beyond allows us to express our higher and best selves. These opportunities generate a sense of universality and oneness. What powerful expressions of God! So while there exists a diversity of religious traditions and beliefs among us we can cultivate harmony and peace in the world by claiming the best of who we are and letting our inner light shine. Diverse theologies might express it with different concepts and in the end it is about being the best of who we are and generating life affirming circumstances. What legacy do you desire to leave the world?

Q. How might you express God/the Sacred/the Divine in your life?

Rev. Qiyamah, Falance from Burundi and Rev. Jill McAllister (minister in Kalamazoo, MI)

L-R Rev. Qiyamah in my beautiful dress. This was a gift from an Atlanta friend, Wilda.Thank you so much for spreading your good taste!

L-R BJ Holmes (sister), Libra Finley (oldest daughter) and James Finley (Libra's father)

L-R Walter (Libra's partner) and Libra preparing a nutritious and tasty dinner at the home that they are making for themselves.

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