Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Liposuction

I recently had my resolve tested. I had sincerely committed to work on my wellness. Little did I know the degree of physical pain I would have to endure on the road toward wellness. With my partner in crime in tow, my daughter Kaleema, we met with a local practitioner, Master Gary J. Clyman. Like Master Clyman I believe that we hold emotional traumas in our body that continue to plague us unless we heal them. Different techniques of bodywork can expedite this process. One of the processes that I recently discovered is referred to as emotional liposuction. It involves the practitioner utilizing oriental medicine wherein pressing certain pressure points on the body releases emotions that are stored there from past traumas.

Looking back we paid him to impose excruciating pain! lol No really, there is no way to describe his technique other than he touches pressure points that hold emotions and he presses until you either pass out from the pain or the emotion dissolves and thus the pain. You can see from the pictures below that the pain is real and it is excruciating.Actually it appears that we are laughing when in reality we are grimacing from the pain.

So, did it work? All I know is the pain that was produced from pressing certain pressure points no longer produces any pain. The pressure points were: bitterness, anger, abandonment, guilt and rage. Are those emotions healed? Not completely but I believe that I have moved so much further along in my healin process as a result of the body work done. If you are interested in checking out Master Gary J. Clyman, L.Ac. at the Chicago Wholistic Health Center you can contact him at: 312 446 8318 or 8000 782 4244.

Question: What do you need to heal in your life? What are you doing to facilitate the healing?
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

These Pictures Speak Volumns!

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