Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reviving the Spirit

(Today Chicago was sunny and robustly alive with nature and life in full abundance!)

Many of us realize early on that this journey called life is not a dress rehearsal and so we begin in earnest to try to understand the lessons and challenges that confront us. We are all challenged in vastly different ways. Some of us have been wounded by assaults on our spirits that come in the form of attacks on our personhood and identity as women as people of color as seniors. This may result in individuals becoming unsure of themselves, second guessing themselves. Their self esteem may plummet. Such individuals may demonstrate distrust and appear unresponsive and shut down. Others that have been the victims of mean spirited behaviors might withdraw and become defensive as a way to protect themselves. Still others react and become recluses. Why some individuals experience hard times and never catch a break while others seem to fare better and are the recipients of generous gifts of time, money and friendships is cause for speculation. Regardless of which category you fall into we can all benefit from a "Revival of the Spirit." Giving in to negative energy does nothing but attract more of the same. We have to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Every opportunity we get we should be feeding our souls and loving ourselves to reverse the negative energies that have settled in our lives.

Whether we cause the energy or not I believe that we are responsible for the transfer of the negative energy. We are vibrational beings and we can be invaluable to ourselves and others when we remember the following:

1. We are always in charge of the way we feel so do not subject yourself to feeling bad any longer!
2. We can create a life that meets and exceeds our wildest dreams! Why not get started! What do you have to lose except your chains and your depression?
3. The way we use our time will directly impact the quality of our lives. If you want to know what you think look at the results. How ya living!?

If the above is true then what keeps us from directing the way we feel and creating the lives we want for ourselves? Primarily fear! Fear drives us to remain in our comfort zones - our misery. And we know that misery loves company. Yet, we all say that we all want good health, personal development, good relationships, dynamic careers, financial abundance, fun filled lifestyles.

Besides releasing the fear what would we need to do to have these things?
1. Get clear about our priorities. We are all over the place. Get still and get clear about what you want and then tell the Universe. And do it with preciseness and clarity! The clearer you are the clearer the energy vibrations working on the demonstration of your request will be!
2. Become attuned to your feelings. We have to process what we are feeling. Our emotional incompletions cause us to create a casing around our hearts so that we do not have to feel. We have to get rid of the junk/stuff around our hearts. We have our work cut out for us! But it will be worth every minute of it! Have fun in the process! Attend some workshops! Find a group of like minded individuals and hang out with doing these things!
3. Learn to communicate in the moment. If we do not do this we continue to create h baggage that we are always working to heal so we always have a back log. Why not ask for what we need in the moment. Tell the truth with love and compassion. Most importantly, tell the truth to yourself. Request specific help from the Universe and connect with your strengths. What do people commend you for? What rocks your world? These are the things you should go after.
4. Find/create a support system that allows you to take back your life! If your broken script (and it is broken) asks you who do you think you are? Remind yourself that you are a child of the Most High! You no longer have permission to abuse and neglect yourself!God don't make no junk!
5. Let go of the negative stressors in your life. They rob us of our healing powers. Stress robs us of the ability to flow with life and to take authority over our lives. Begin with your health! Stuck energy due to poor diet and stress and unhealthy life styles coupled with deep rooted pain blocks your energy and keeps us from claiming a healthy and full life.

What does a healthy you look like? Walking and stepping in our greatness! It is time for us to stand in our greatness! The world needs us! Our children need us! Every situation in your life is talking to you. Your life is talking to you. It is time to forgive! It is time to give it over and give it up. Bring some joyu in your life!

We must commit to daily spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualizations, chanting, dancing, music, walking, execercise, singing etc.

Tomorrow I will begin to meditate from 6:30 am to 7:00 am. It is time to get still and hear that small quiet voice inside speaking to you!The following emotions are stored in our organs:

liver - anger & depression
spleen - worry
lungs - grief & sorrow
kidney - fear
heart - joy

I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

1. Don't let your circumstances continue to dictate your life! Increase your flow of abundance.
2. Realize that you are already great! Are you going to allow it to shine?
3. Develop an attitude of gratitude for what you already have.
4. Increase your flow of abundance
5. Walk into your heart and experience more joy

Question: What does a healthy lifestyle look like for you? Describe your life in 20 words or less. What is it you want in life? If you do not have it - why not? How can you focus on what you want and not on what you don't want?

Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

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