Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Training Religious Leaders for a Religiously Diverse World

front to back - Rev. Jay Leach, Dr. Leon Spencer and unidentified participant 2007 Qiyamah's ordination at UU Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC

On September 28 I will be attending an interfaith training hosted by Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago titled, Training Religious Leaders for a Religiously Diverse World. I am eagerly anticipating this all day event and will report out on my blog about the event and my experiences. Meanwhile, I have a brief explanation on Interfaith Dialogue that I came found on DuPaul University's website titled, Four Ways of Interfaith Dialogue that I would like to share:

Dialogue of Life - In which people of different faiths and spiritual traditions strive to live in an open and neighborly spirit - includes socializing and hospitality

Dialogue of Action - In which people of spiritual commitment and faith collaborate with others in building a just society - includes service and working for justice

Dialogue of Religious Experience - In which people steeped in their spiritual traditions share their ways of searching for God or the Absolute - includes prayer, worship, and celebration

Dialogue of Theological Exchange - In which specialists seek to deepen their understanding of other spiritual heritages

Q. In what ways have you crossed borders to experience other faith traditions beyond your own? How can you deepen your understanding and appreciation for other spiritual heritages and collaborate to build a just society?

Blessed Be! Rev. Qiyamah

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