Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Trip to the Farm

As you may know, I live in a housing coop in Chicago, IL. Today some of us took a field trip to Warren, MI where seven families own 70 acres of land collectively. The land is a conservatory which means that the land can never be developed for commercial purposes. They have a house, a smaller house and tool shed on the premises. There is a lake completely covered in a layer of algae that one arrives at by taking a very enchanting path into the wooded area. In the middle of nowhere you come to a bench that has a closed box that upon opening it contains a journal and writing utensils. You can sit in the midst of nature and write your reflections.

The thing that was so interesting to me is that they are milling some of the lumber on the land to finance some of their projects. In talking with them about my family land they suggested I might do the same for our family land which is located in Hawkinsville, GA. I could start by taking pictures of the trees on the land to see what kind they are and to see if they have any potential lumber value. Georgia here I come!

Q. What adventure is coming your way that you might need to get ready for?

Q. What adventure might you create for yourself to invite enchantment into your life?

Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

onions in the tool shed. It looked like someone was drying them!

This is a real farm with real farm equipment. Nice little tractor. It is used to help haul the trees to the shed where they saw it into lumber.

This is some of their handiwork. I was advised, "Don't try this yourself. Get a lumber company to do this."

Another view of the shed and tractor.

Here are some of the felled logs which they have cut down.

Beauty is everywhere!

More beauty!

Tree house

An additional building on the land.

Apple tree that appears to have been planted when it was small enough to be placed inside the tire that surrounds it. Now it a lot taller and the base of it completely fills the tir.

One of the enchanted trails that I went for a walk on.

Virgilio Vincente, my neighbor takes a break to read.

This bridge leads hikers deeper into the land. At the time I crossed it there was no water in the water  bed below.

L-R Wilda, Bonnie, Cathy, Robin and Pat. I took the picture so I am not in it.

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