Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am a movie buff. I was probably one of the few individuals that did not voice any complaints when Netflix imposed their drastic rate increase. My monthly fee of $11.99 was raised to $17.99 a month. Currently the average cost of a movie is about $10. I view as many aa 15-20 a month so I get the better deal. My current plan permits unlimited instantly available movies via internet and includes one-at-a-time video through the mail. I order, receive it, view it and send it back immediately. I have a que of 100 movies waiting.  However, when I recently received Bordertown starring Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas it sat on my desk for at least a week. Bordertown is a dramatic narrative about the over 400 women that have been murdered in the border town of Juarez, Mexico since 1993. Initially I tried to watch the movie but I just could not stomach the horrendously predictable storyline of seeing woman after woman brutally raped, maimed and killed. It is not enough to violate these women but their killers torture and brutalize them. They are the disposables in their society. I finally forced myself to watch the movie today after sitting on it for a week. It was as horrendous as I anticipated. I am saddened and furious that there is still so much gender based violence in the world. I was mildly traumatized by the movie's graphic rape scenes which restimulated memories of my own rape history.

Let us work and pray for a time of peace and harmony. Let us work for woman safe environments in our life time. Let us strive to celebrate the work we have done and the work still undone to make the world safe for all regardless of gender.

Q. If you are a male, how can you work to combat violence against women? How can you align yourself with female allies to dismantle gender based violence?

Q. If you are a female how can you protect yourself from possible harm while working to change the nature of social relations and systemic violence that is so pervasive and condoned  in society?

Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah    

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