Monday, March 12, 2012

The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened!

As I prepare to relocate to St. Croix I am sharing some brief reflections and pictures. A day does not go by that I don't think about St. Croix.

You have to let go of your fear of creepy crawly things. Although St. Croix does not have any poisonous snakes (thank goodness for small things!) they do have lots and lots of geckos that invade your home and they are everyplace as evidenced in my drinking glass in the bathroom! Get used to them!
We discovered this hermit crab in the backyard of my friend and host, Emy Thomas. Emy wrote a book titled, Home is where the Boat is, describing her 18 years living on a boat and sailing around the world. Then when she moved to St. Croix she wrote a book titled, Life in the Left Lane that is like a primer for folks that are planning to move to and live in St. Croix.
Emy Thomas' house on Salt River Bay overlooks the site where Columbus landed in 1492.
This is one of Jim and Gail Nealon's sour lemon trees in their yard.
  1. The colors and variety of fruits are just so exquisite!
Honey Man and his moms were representing at the Agricultural Fair

The next few pictures depict the beauty of the flora in St. Croix

One night I was headed to the bathroom and ran into this little guy on the wall!

Welcome to Lady Qiyamah's Tea Party! What a great time I had. The host, Linda, welcomed a group of four ladies from the church (others were invited but were not able to attend). 

L-R Emy Thomas and Qiyamah A. Rahman
Linda has an entire room filled with feather boas and hats for her elaborate Tea Parties that she throws. She invited us to choose one of each for ourselves that we donned for the occasion.

L-R Qiyamah A. Rahman, Sondra Catts, Emy Thomas and Barbara

Lady Qiyamah’s Tea Party
This is the prose/poem I wrote to honor my memory of my Tea Party:
Like little girls we strolled into the magical enchanted space
Colored hats of all sizes, shapes and colors
Seduced us
Wispy feathered boas pulled us into the magical moment
Amidst the squeals, oohs, and awes
In time
Laughter, tears, uncertainty
Little girls in a world of giants
Here there are no giants
Only our tea cups and saucers, dolls and smiles
Hide- n- go seek, tag, hop scotch
Home by street lights
Gently falling
into the darkness of sleep.

This was the table complete with fine china and linen table cloth that we received our multiple course lunch on. The beautiful pictures of flowers you saw previously are pictures from Linda's garden.

Riding on the Beach was preceded and then followed by over an hours ride in the rain forest. If I look like I am enjoying myself I am. Even when the horse started galloping and my buns hurt due to the extreme bouncing I still was having a great time! lol

Q. How much fun can one person have?

Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah 

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