Monday, January 19, 2009

The TiesThat Bind

As I get older I find that family means so much more to me. I get great enjoyment being around my children and family. They nourish me and rejuvenate my spirit. I am thankful for them and the love they bring into my life.
Question: What is nurturing your spirit and feeding your life? Who are the indivduals that you are thankful for in your life?
Blessing! Rev. Qiyamah

L-R New Love is in the Air - Walter (Libra's beau) and Libra (my daughter)

L-R Ricco Richardson (brother in law) and my mom

L-R Brenda (sister), Gwen (sister), Qiyamah, Betty (sister) and Kaleema (daughter) front row my mom

L-R Brenda, Gwen, Qiyamah, Betty and Mom

L-R Brandon (grandson), Muhammad (son), Kaleema and Libra (daughters)- front row - Michelle (daughter in law)

L-R Brandon, Muhammad, Qiyamah, Kaleema and Libra

L-R My two daughters, Libra and Kaleema

L-R Muhammad (my son), Michelle (his wife) and Rev.Q

L-R Brandon James Beale (my grandson) and Muhammad

L-R Muhammad and Michelle

L-R Kaleema and Brandon

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