Monday, January 19, 2009

Courting The Ctreative Muse in 2009

Toni Morrison, celebrated writer and author extraordinaire

This picture of Toni Morrison hangs above my desk where I spend endless hours coaxing ideas into words, phrases and pages when I am fortunate. This is the year I have declared that I am writing a book. Since that time I have experienced moments of crystal clarity. Others times I have had moments of utter panic. Yet, I plod along defying the demons that want to deny this fire that is shut up in my bones and demands to be expressed. My writing project is on the presence of black women in Unitarian Universalism. After years of informally pursuing my research I have received some financial support and acknowledgment of my efforts.

Writing is a very solitude experience that unfortunately feeds my tendency towards introversion. Thus, I have to struggle, really really struggle not to succumb to the solitude and isolation. I am not sure whether other writers have to contend with these issues but the fact that I do makes it integral to my writing process. It forces me to place my writing into the larger scheme of things as part of my life but not the sum total of my life. Otherwise, my writing could easily consume me. I know that when I come up for air I want and need human connections and so I try not to allow myself to become too engrossed in my writing at the detriment of my need for human contact.

What aspects of your life are you so passionate about that you could easily give yourself to totally?

May your passion continue to be fed and may you strive for balance that holds you in the mystery of life's fullness.
Blessed Be! Rev. Qiyamah

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