Monday, June 1, 2009

Teaching Pastors Advisory Group

Changes are always challenging. However, the Teaching Pastors Advisory Group has facilitated the transition toward our New Meadville Lombard Education Model. The role that the Teaching Pastors have been assigned is that of theological coach for students. They are partnered at the onset of the student's matriculation until their completion of the Masters of Divinity (MDiv.)

We salute these pioneers as they work to ensure excellence in ministry!
Blessing! Rev. Qiyamah

l-r Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher, Qiyamah A. Rahman and Brian Covell

l-r background Rev. Brian Covell and Rev. Dr. John Tolley foreground Dr. Sharon Welch, Provost

l-r Rev. Dr. Susie Pangerl and Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher

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Laughing Girl said...

Rev. Doc.! I LOVE your Ruminations. They cover the ordinary and the sublime and always have lots of colorful photos. Also, that Kaleema is a hit in my book!
Keep it up.