Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creating Multiple Networks

I said that I needed to put down some roots in Chicago. What that means is developing multiple networks of political, social, spiritual, financial interests. See below some of my most recent activities:

Visit to Harris Park Recreation Center around the corner where I have taken water aerobics and have recently signed up for pilates classes. This is a mural in the main lobby where Kaleema and her friend, Shakar are standing.

Kaleema is lost in the huge mural.

This is the opening for the pilates class that I will be taking upstairs in the Harris Pk. Rec. Center.

More pictures of the pilates opening!

Pilates demonstration

On the set of the play, The Piano by August Wilson featured at the Civic Play Center in West Bend, IN. L-R back row Scott and Joe Cherry (two seminarians at Meadville) front row L-R John Tolley, Director and faculty member at Meadville Lombard Theological School where I am on faculty; yours truly, Rev. Q and Susie Pangrel.
faculty member.

I had the opportunity to view two August Wilson plays in three days. The other was Ma Rainey's Black Bottom at the Court Theatre on the University of Chicago's campus and directed by Ron O.J. Parson. Both were very good plays.

I must read more of Wilson's works!

Question: How are you developing networks that reflect all aspects of yourself? How are you creating a full and rich identity outside of your work environment?

Blessing! Rev. Qiyamah

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