Sunday, October 4, 2009

Journey Toward Wellness

My journey towards wellness continues. I recently took a road trip with my younger daughter Kaleema. The trip served multiple purposes: to haul her belongings to Austin that had been in my closet; to provide some bonding time between mother and daughter, an opportunity to change my environment and do some thinking while still maintaining my work responsibilities. Hence I telecommuted between Chicago to Austin, TX and back. It made a big difference and I have returned feeling if not rejuvenated, that I have spent invaluable time doing some introspection and figuring out a few things.

Question: What is going on in your life that is posing a barrier to your health and wellbeing? What can you do about it? How creative can you be?
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

Surprise! I picked up my purse to pay my bill and discovered this humongous grasshopper staring back at me! Hey! Get out of my space unless you plan to pay part of or all of the check! photo taken in Memphis, TX

Kaleema standingin front of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. where Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was slain. His room is marked just overhead by the large wreath in the background.

Entrance to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. that documents Kings' life and the Civil Rights Movement. It also contains a small tribute to Ghandi in recognition of the role that Ghandi played in King's life.

Ms. Kaleema sashayin; down the Boulevard in Memphis, TN. Sunday Morning we attended church at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church where Bishop A.L. Green, Pastor and Founder resides. He is also the R&B singer with a number of hits including, I'm Still in Love with You. A shout out to Evangelist Marie M. Lomax who stopped us in the parking lot as we were leaving the church to share some information with us. I enjoyed the service although my daughter says Rev. Al is A.D.D. Hey, what is wrong with multitasking while you give the word! lol

Qiyamah oilin' up after a bath in the healing thermal waters at Buckstaff Bath House in Hot Springs, AK.

Hot Springs ,AK We drove the trail through the famous Hot Springs National Park.

Along the trail in Hot Springs, AK. By the way this is a picture of my new car! It gets 50 mpg! Yeahhhhh!

While this looks like the Botanical Garden of Austin it is the front yard of Kaleema's new house that she is renting. The landlord thought it was his decision to make. He didn't know who he was dealin' with. We knew the house was only his on loan and that Spirit was going to decide who would be the next tenant. Once we prayed over it and visited the premises and conjured up our presence on the property it was a done deal!

Kaleema in front of her new house where she has just signed the lease.

Austin, TX at the George Washington Carver Museum and cultural center where author, Angela Shelf Medaris hosted a luncheon with a fantastic meal and history of African American cuisine. She served grits and shrimp preceeded by a salad and followed with greens, and some extraordinary meal that I do not recall but loved in the moment!

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