Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of the things I love to do is to visit Unitarian Universalist congregations and different faith communities. On Sunday, January 17 I preached at Peoples Church of Chicago (PCC). PCC is affilated with both the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. My sermon title was, Getting to the Promised Land. I summarized King's legacy and examined whether we have been faithful to his legacy. I examined the concept of the Promised Land and the fact that while not everyone believes that it is a literal place. Nevertheless, the symbolism of the Promised Land is a powerful metaphor for working toward a goal of journeying toward a common place. The doing good and being good and the moral covenant required. Marilyn Sewell, a UU minister contends that salvation is not about getting to the promised land - its about how well we journey. And I would add, how well we journey together.

After worship service the church joined together for a potluck with the Christ Pentecostal International Church (CPIC). CPIC meets in the building owned by PCC. The members are all Ghanaians. I had a wonderful time meeting folks from both congregations and the food was delicious!

In December while visiting in Atlanta, GA I drove up to Augusta, GA where my friend, the Rev. Margaret Beard serves at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Augusta. She graciously invited me to participate in the worship service and we went out to lunch afterwards with one of the members. It was wonderful to see her and hear about the great things going on in Augusta.

What have you done lately to reach out and cross some of the borders that too easily are erected in your life?

How can you intentionally reach out of your comfort zone to expand your contacts and interactions with others? How does your theology speak to interacting with people across faith traditions. In these times of wars and conflict it is so important to practice community building and peace building proactively rather than to make those attempts when conflicts arise.

Let us be builders of bridges! Amen and Blessed Be! Rev. Qiyamah

Members of Ghanaian congregation fellowshipping with members of People's Church in Chicago, IL.

L-R Rev. Qiyamah and Rev. Jean Siegfried Darling, minister of Peoples Church of Chicago

L-R Rev. Qiyamah and Rev. Margaret Beard, minister of the UU Church of Augusta in Georgia

L-R Cheryl Martin, a long time member of UU Church of Augusta, another member whose name I have forgotten and Rev. Qiyamah

L-R Cheryl Martin and Rev. Qiyamah

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