Friday, March 19, 2010

Feed back from Readers

Spring has sprung in Chicago! Let all of creation (at least Chicagoans rejoice!)!

Occasionally I receive comments from blog readers that I am inspired to pass on. Here is one such email that is working to encourage much needed interfaith dialogues. The reader states:

I’ve been enjoying your blog, and thought you’d be interested in the work of
a new, vibrant non-profit organization, whose goals promote many of the
values you convey in your writing.

Intersections is an initiative of the Marble Collegiate Church of New York,
and the founding director is the Rev. Robert (Bob) Chase. The group is
multi-cultural and multi-faith, and their goal is to build respectful
relationships among diverse individuals and communities here and abroad.
They are dedicated to forging common ground and develop strategies that
promote justice, reconciliation and peace.

Their projects are unique. For example, recently they:

Created – an award-winning interactive website that
dispels myths and negative stereotypes about Muslims living in the U.S.
This website may soon serve as the template for similar interactive sites in
countries across Europe. Please take a look for yourself at

Explored the human cost of the Iraq War to both Iraqis and Americans – with
public talks and workshops to educate and promote social healing; some with
returning U.S. veterans, others with Iraqi refugees now living here. This
fall, Intersections will take a group of musicians, photographers and
artists on a trip thru Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to meet Iraqi refugees
firsthand. Upon return, these artists will work individually and together to
capture the experiences and current realities of the Iraqis they met, and
Intersections will debut their work to draw attention to this issue. The
Iraqi refugee crisis is one of the most underreported humanitarian crisis in
recent history, with an estimated 4 million Iraqis displaced from their
homes, many living as illegal migrants, unable to work or access health and
other social services.

Be the Change: A Community Outreach Program – NYC, May 18th in cooperation
with The Alliance for a New Humanity, Deepak Chopra and Bob Chase will lead
an inspirational evening of performers and guest speakers, to create a new
vision for our communities and our planet.

Kazakhstan – Intersections has partnered with the Embassy of Kazakhstan, to
engage and promote interfaith dialogue vehicle to promote world peace, and
to counter religious extremism in central Asia. Their work will also help
build the social fabric of this emerging secular nation.

These are just a few examples, go to ( to
find out more. I do hope you will your readers about their work.

Many thanks, best, Meryl Zegarek

Meryl Zegarek Public Relation, Inc.

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