Sunday, March 11, 2012

Falling in Love!

When I traveled to St. Croix to serve as visiting minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix for the month of February I did not expect to fall in love. I couldn't be like most individuals and fall in love with an individual. I had to fall in love with an entire Island and way of life. I had to fall in love with the life style of St. Croix. I fell in love with the people that I met.

You have to get over your fear of "critters" to live on St. Croix. Geckos, small lizard like reptiles are everywhere. I went in the bathroom one day and there was this gecko in my glass! While the fish is not real and part of the decor on the glass the gecko was a living breathing being!

Here I am at Mt. Washington Plantation, a former sugar cane plantation, that has been renovated. I toured it along with my friend and host, Gail Nealon below. Gail is President of the UU Fellowship of St. Croix.

This beautiful structure above is the Washington Plantation, located near the rain forest. It is currently owned by a couple that renovated it and lived in it for a number of years. They now have it on the market for  three million dollars.  Any takers?
This plantation was a sugar cane plantation and this is a machine that was used to extract the beet juice.

These were some ruins we came across. There were a lot of plantation ruins on St. Croix as well as ruins that had been renovated for historical and tourism purposes. 

 This was a very old tree with a lot of character!

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