Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reflections from Across the Waters

It has now been almost two weeks since my departure from St. Croix. Since that time a day has not gone by that I do not think about St. Croix and the friends I met and the wonderful experiences I had while there. I dedicate these pictures to those memories until I return.

I just returned from a three hour funeral that was a beautiful homecoming of my  cousin, Emmanual Thomas that was only seven years older then me. Remember, tomorrow is not promised to us. So go for your dreams!

Q. What dream is dreaming you that you have not actualized? What would need to happen to bring that dream into fruition?

Blessings, Rev. Qiyamah

My first hosts on St. Croix were the Nealons, Gail and Jim. They were delightful and this was the sign identifying their property as I would drive onto it. They lived at the top of the mountain in the Rain Forest!

 The entrance to the Nealons. This gate was erected to prevent unwanted intruders like cows, pigs and goats . The day before I arrived they had called animal control to come out to remove some piglets and an aggressive peacock (mating male) that was attacking any visitors.

 This was my ride while I was in St. Croix. I loved this liberty Jeep. To get to the Nealons required a four wheel drive to traverse roads that would only be called roads in the broadest sense of the word that they had a "path" that had been cleared of brush but were dirt with potholes that were only manageable with a four wheel drive vehicle. Thank you Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix for your gracious hosting and sensitivity to the needs of visiting ministers! Every host was exceptional!

L-R  Gail and Jim Nealon dressed for a fund raiser featuring the 1960s. Hence, the tie dye and poney tail! They were great hosts and a great couple who have a charmed life in paradise! Gail is the hardworking President of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix and Jim is the treasurer.

 This trail  led to another house on the Nealons property that they sold while I was living with them. They sold it to a local attorney and her partner. Lucky lady! I am claiming that I will be as lucky when I am ready to buy!

 This is the backyard view standing in the Nealons backyard. Can it get any better than this? I finally got smart and started doing my yoga out in the back yard with this view as inspiration.

This is the front of their house. It looks very unassuming. Who would think there was such a heavenly view from the backyard!

Funny, I never found time to relax in the hammock. There was so much to do! I never got around to it or missed it! lol

 These pictures depict the beauty of the island!

 More of the beauty!

 I took this picture from the patio of Emmy Thomas' patio overlooking Salt River Bay. What a view to wake up to everyday!

 More beauty!
More beauty!

More beauty! It's everywhere!

This was a random house that I discovered off the beaten path that I thought was destined to be my house. It turns out that someone was living there although the house looked deserted! The house had been partially constructed and looked to me like they ran out of money!

This is the front yard of the house I fell in love with! It has unexpectedly incredible view!
Here is the house. I was looking at it and all of a sudden I heard music playing and I knew someone was inside. But no one would respond to my calls or my knocking on the door. Someone was inside but they clearly did not want to reveal themselves to me! I later contacted Jim Nealon, my host and a realator because I thought he was managing the property. He had a listing for the land next to this house but had no knowledge about who the owner of this house was.

The evidence of rusting machinery in the yard (picture) and an abandoned car in the car port under the house was one sign that the house had not been in use for some time.  The scaffolding looked like it had been in place for some time. I wonder how one goes about checking on the status of property.

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